Top 7 WordPress plug-ins you need to incorporate on your website


As its name suggests, this great plug-in comes with a pack of amazing features that make your web page to soar high in the sky and become a success. It was developed by the prolific team behind WordPress software itself. Jetpack is concerned with website performance, site security, traffic growth, web appearance, image optimization among other applications.

It is free software for every WordPress user.


Akismet is basically an anti-spam plugin. It is usually a default plugin for every new WordPress installation. It serves to check all comments on your website and filters out all spam content.

It is freely available for blogs and personal websites but offers a subscription plan for commercial websites.

Yoast SEO

Yoast brings SEO on WordPress by allowing its users to improve rankings, manage keywords and create better content. Its main job is to help the user create content that is useful to users and while making it SEO friendly at the same time.

It is a freemium plunging i.e. it is free to some users and payable to others depending on the purpose of the website.

Google XML Sitemaps

It also brings SEO capabilities to WordPress but is quite intricate. This plugin helps search engines as Bing, Yahoo, and Google e.t.c to index your website using special XML sitemaps. After installation, the plugin automatically creates an XML sitemap for the website thus easing your indexing work.

It is a free plugin.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin is dedicated to improving the performance of your website by storing your website’s data temporarily in a cache to make it load faster during the next loading. It works hand in hand with other SEO plug-ins because the speed of your website also impacts the sites SEO.

This plugin is a freemium

WP Optimize

It is a handy tool for cleaning the WordPress database as well as optimizing it. It doesn’t require manual queries but rather automatically deletes unwanted data from your database. If you want your WP database to be optimized and stay in great performance conditions, WP optimize is a plug-in of choice.

Wordfence security

This plug-in keeps all security threats at bay by checking your websites for malicious bots and spam. It is one of few security plugins you can rely on when you have a website on WordPress.

This plug-in is partly free depending on the purpose of the website.

BJ Lazy Load

This plugin is an excellent tool in managing websites that load slowly due to huge amounts of images. It replaces all images and other related content on your website while it is loading to cut the delay time and then replaces the images once the user begins scrolling down the screen. This causes your website to load faster thus cutting the bandwidth.

Broken link checker

Broken Link checker inspects all content on your websites for broken links and notifies you when any broken link is found. It also has the capability to prevent search engines from following broken links or displaying them differently. It is also a free plug-in.

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