Top 3 split testing services and their pros and cons

A/B/n Testing

A/b/n Testing is less reliant on advanced technology and it is less interesting to technology vendors as it doesn’t utilize its full capability.


  • Conversion strategists are not limited with areas of the page intended to be varied
  • The test rounds are completed faster compared to MVT
  • Incorporates advanced analytics
  • It can test handle more dramatic layouts, page consolidations, and designs


  • Designs of experiment setups or Taguchis need to be planned early
  • To measure interactions between different elements, you need to plan and test rounds carefully

Multivariate testing

Multivariate is a type of service testing technique that, unlike A/B/n testing, it plays a role in Conversion Optimization Strategy without playing the leading part.


  • It has the capability to isolate many finer page elements while understanding their individual implications on conversion rate
  • It follows a more conservative pathway of incremental conversion
  • Measures compound effects by measuring the interaction between independent elements


  • Unlike A/B/n, it requires a lot of variable combinations to run
  • It requires more traffic to achieve statistical significance compared to A/B/n testing
  • It is hard to make major layout changes
  • It tends to give approximated results
  • The marketing creativity is constrained by restriction of test setups

The software agnostic approach

The software agnostic approach fits well where A/B/n and Multivariate testing are inapplicable. One good thing about software agnostic approach is that it offers a wider variety of testing tools.


  • It gives you the freedom to recommend the best type of test for better results
  • It is less intricate compared to Multivariate testing
  • It doesn’t constraint users with particular testing tools.


  • It is overly automated thus discouraging the need for skill
  • The wide ranges of tools provided are subject to redundancy with some tools doing closely related tasks

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