The 10 Best Split Testing Tools in 2016

Split testing is a method of carrying out controlled, randomized tests that explores the goal of enhancing a website statistics, such as clicks, form completions, or purchases. Incoming web traffic to the  site is distributed in between the original (control) and the various variations without any of the site visitors knowing that they belong to an experiment. The tester awaits a statistically considerable distinction in behaviour to arise. The results from each variant are compared to identify which version showed the best improvement.

Favourite Split Testing Tools:

1. Visual Website Optimizer – users like its interface specially if a conversion leads to revenue.


2. Google Analytics Content Experiments – this new feature from Google Analytics is designed to allow users to split test different pages. Best thing is it’s free.


3. Optimizely – it is an easy to use tool even for the non-techie member of the company. Even their video is simple and easy to understand.

4. Unbounce – creates a landing page through its drag and drop feuture. It also gives the best results for which page to converts better. They also provide resources for split testing.


5. Convert – easy to use and clear reporting of results.


6. KISSmetrics – results are given in real time and include insights to help in the decision making.


7. Hello Bar – split test small scale works and make the best comparison for your offers.



8. HiConversion – another easy to use tool that gives the best conversion results.


9. Split Testing Pro – this tool enables you to test multiple web pages with different variants. It’s also easy to use.


10. Split Test Accelerator – this is installed in your server and tests all possible conversions with its unique Taguchi testing feature.


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