Choosing The Best Affiliate Offers To Promote On Your Website

blogging-336376_640Only 10% of affiliate marketers do actually earn money from the business.  This is because most of the marketers do not know how to choose the right programs for them. For those who are planning to venture into affiliate marketing, always the right questions so you will not end up wasting on the wrong strategies.

Common reason why many people fail is they are not selling specific product. They are into the general market thinking it will have greater conversation rate. This is a very deceiving thought because targeted market has a higher conversion rate. Just look at this scenario, if I am looking for something to eat, I will not put “food” in the search bar, I will instead place “sushi”. Once I found it, the next step in mind is to buy the sushi.

So to help you choose the best affiliate offers on your website, other than affiliate forums,  here are few guidelines:

Understand the Product

Make list of products and services that you frequently use in your life. The reason behind this is you will not sell anything that you do not trust. There are many affiliate products out there and being general with what you sell will not produce result.

Once you are confident with what you sell, you will be able to project expertise in this niche. People will not but something they are not sure of. If you are able to become an expert at the niche, you are showing credibility to the consumers and it will be easier to sell.

Check the Vendor

Bad reputation is bad for business. Do some researches about the vendor before you decide to pick the offer and post it on your website. This may even jeopardize your website and decrease traffic. Take a look at his business partners, affiliates and customers.

Find a Program

Affiliate program like Clickbank has plenty of products available particularly downloadable products. A good program means they are offering you at least 60% commission for every sale. However, if the price of the product is high and it offers less than 60% commission, it can still be considered as good offer due to the price.

Another indicator of a good program is high gravity rating. Gravity rating is the amount of affiliates that were able to create sales during the week. This is a good sign that the product is selling in the market.


A competitive product means it has higher chance making money and this is a display of healthy market. Use keyword tools to check the number of search for the certain product. Pick terms that are not heavily used but at the same time avoid picking keywords will little competition.

As you progress into the business, you will understand how affiliate marketing works and looking for good offers will not be difficult as today. Always keep an open mind and learn affiliate marketing slowly. Affiliate business when done correctly can provide you with good income.

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